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Its been windy

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Well, itís been a while. I have been busy and havenít had time to write. And it has been windy, so I havenít been doing much photography either, but I have done a little. I donít find a lot to photograph in the winter. Not that there arenít opportunities if you know where to look. But I am a big fan of colorful photographs, and this time of year, that can be hard to achieve for a nature photographer.

Itís amazing though, some of the insects that are out this time of year. There are clouds of mosquitoes or gnats or whatever they are. I saw some just a few days ago. And a few weeks ago when I took a walk in one of the pastures, there were still little grasshopper nymphs scattering before my feet at almost every step. I have tried several times to get some good shots of them, but so far I havenít been satisfied with the results. A few weeks back I also noticed a sulfur butterfly being tossed about in the wind.

In addition, over the last few days I have been seeing a Bald Eagle flying over. They are neat to watch, but it would take quite some effort for me to get any shots worth speaking of with my equipment. I donít have any lenses that are long enough. There are also lots of Canada Geese that like our pond. Maybe if I push myself I can capture some good shots of them.

If it wasnít for the wind, I would be out with my camera now, and Iím sure that I could find something interesting to photograph. I guess maybe I will be able to expand my portfolio with some snow shots sometime this winter. I would love to be able to take decent photographs of snow crystals, but the only microscope we have is not the best of quality, and unfortunately has too much magnification. I have succeeded in taking a few acceptable shots of snow crystals in past years, but only very, very small ones. They are so interesting though. The variety is one thing that amazes me. I guess God has expressed to us His endless creativity in that no two snowflakes are ever alike.

I guess I could find some color in winter in sunrises and sunsets. But on second thought, it would be some cold weather to shoot in! Also, it is hard to find a spot on the property that is a good place to shoot just the sunset. Plain old sunsets can get boring. Usually it is good to have something else besides just the sunset as the focus of the shot, like a silhouette. Maybe I will check out a few good spots to shoot silhouettes as soon as I get some good camera gloves so I donít get frostbit!

Anyway, over the last couple weeks I have found some moss to shoot, and also got some more neat shots of our John Deere model A. I could have gotten some better shots of the old tractor if the ground had not been wet, for then I could have simply lain on the ground. But the ground was muddy and wet, so I couldnít. For some reason, I love to take photos from the ground level. I think it is the change of perspective that I like. If you think thatís weird, then you are probably right. But maybe you should still try it sometime. You are probably weird too.

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This moss really caught my eye when I was out one day last week. But I didnít have my tripod with me (I have to get a strap for it), so not all of the shots I got turned out. So I went back with my tripod a few days later to shoot some more. The textures are kind of neat. I think they are anyway. There are lots of different kinds of moss growing down here on the farm, and I look forward to shooting more. I just wish that I could get even closer! I donít know if you can have too much zoom. Not that you should always use all that you have all the time, but I think that you could never put more zoom at my disposal than I could find a use for!

Anyway, I will write more when I find some more things to photograph!

Over and out,