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My new tripod arrived

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Hi, itís me again. Iím exited because my new tripod finally arrived. Itís a Manfrotto 055xprob. Maybe a little on the heavy side for field work, but I donít mind carrying around a little more weight, especially when part of it is in my wallet, if you know what I mean. Now, if money were no object....

Donít we always say that about photographic equipment?

It does everything I need it too, and is sure to be sturdy, so who needs carbon fiber? I will see what I think after a season of using it. But can five pounds really be so much? I know, after carrying it for three hours, thatís 15 pound-hours, but itís good exercise, right?

Itís the first full-size tripod that I have ever owned, so I canít wait to use it. Itís pretty tough to photograph wildflowers without one.

Iíve already made up a bloom planner for all of the wildflowers that I have found growing on our property. There are about 200 or so thus far, and probably a few more I haven't noticed yet. I may not be able to photograph all of them satisfactorily in just one year, but I am going to try. During the spring and summer, there may be as many as 35 that I will need to photograph in the same month, which comes out to more than one per day. Of course I donít really plan to be going into the field every single day, and if itís windy, or in some cases sunny, that will also make things difficult. I guess I will be planning to get up early to catch the morning light, but that is a limited time too. I donít know if itís realistic or not to expect to photograph all of them in one year, but I guess itís worth a try.

I just had to tell about my new tripod, so Iíll take you back to the little swamp next time (see my last post). Probably next week. Over and out.

J.D. Grimes